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#03 Barcelona - Civitavecchia

In this chapter, you will see me taking the boat from the port of Barcelona to Rome. It has been a tough last few days before the departure because we have had a lot of last-minute work finalizing details of the Quad, but finally the departure went as planned.

We towed the Yamaha Kodiak 700 Quad to Barcelona and had to wait a long time at the Port because the boat left an hour late.

On the boat, I took the opportunity to reorganize the luggage because the departure was very hasty. However, eventually I relax and begin to imagine what this new adventure is like that is already starting.

Finally, you will be able to see what happened when disembarking the Quad upon arrival at Civitavecchia.

Thanks for your support!

Episode #03 Barcelona - Civitavecchia

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