#10 | Kupres-Kalinovik

I have a splendid breakfast at Kupres Hotel where I am treated wonderfully and I gather energy for the whole intense day that awaits me. The goal is the border with Montenegro at 417 km.

I explain my equipment to be able to carry out a route of these dimensions and I make my way to the ski slopes of Stožer Vrana. Very charming slopes anchored in a beautiful mountain village.

At the top of the mountain, I start the trail route at the moment when it starts to rain and the mud, the basalts and the uneven terrain make it difficult for me to travel. Honestly a challenge to overcome.

I pass one of the many ruined houses in the Balkans, with the Croatian coat of arms painted on the walls, the result of the war.

The scenery on this route is beautiful; I go to the top of the mountain and find snow. Snow at the end of May! I really enjoy this route. Rama Lake and the snowy mountains leave me speechless in a setting that fills the soul.

In the middle of the journey I find an elephant trap through which it is almost impossible to cross with the Quad, but I finally manage to get to the other side without any consequences.

At night I arrive in Kalinovik where I find a bar with beers, but no food. Nobody speaks English and they send me to the supermarket to buy some sausages so they can cook them. Definitely a day to remember.


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#10 | Kupres-Kalinovik

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