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#01 Presentation in Barcelona

Hi, I’m Pep Tarrés, an entrepreneur from Manresa (BARCELONA), and I like to travel and see the world with Quad.

This will be my third adventure in Quad, I will travel through different countries to get from Barcelona to Nepal.

The main reason for the Trip is to discover new countries and new cultures, enjoy the traditional cuisine of each area and experience the nature that surrounds us.

Since 1997, I have been running the Digital Centre Company, where we manufacture innovative PhotoBooths, and where we capture experiences on paper, the goal is total when experiences are smiles.

On this trip, the final objective will be to discover new territories, explore them and connect with different cultures and their smiles.

I would love to find smiles throughout the route, so I will continue looking for smiles around the world.

Thanks for your support!

Episode #01 Presentation in Barcelona

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