#11 | Kalinovik-Tuzi

I wake up in Kalinovik 104 km from Montenegro and set off. Accompanies me a fantastic sunny day along a spectacular mountain road with a stunning lake.

At the border between Bosnia and Montenegro, I find many adventure sports companies such as rafting, quad bikes, horse riding, etc.

The reservoir that I have been following for kilometers is immense and full, it is a real water reserve. It is a natural park, Durmitor, a spectacular mountain, worth admiring. Bosnia is being a 10.

I find a route full of snow that makes it difficult for me to pass with the Quad. I find a great challenge that I do not know if I will overcome. I don’t know what I will meet further down the road so I fly the drone to see if the road will be accessible and I see 3 riders struggling to get over the track. I reach the Belgian riders and together we manage to get out of the danger zone.
Later I risk continuing with the planned route, despite finding a new French rider who abandons the attempt to go through this route due to the complications of the terrain with the snow.

Finally, I overcome the entire route and meet two more Montenegrin quad bikes.

I pass through Podgorica and arrive at a small town called Tuzi, 10 km from the border with Albania. There I sleep and spend the night at the Liria Hotel, I prepare the best route for the next day where I will meet Eduard and buggies boys.


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#11 | Kalinovik-Tuzi

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