#42 | Armenia

First day in Armenia, today’s goal is to reach the capital: Yerevan.

#41 | Georgia V

Today was the worst route day of the 41 days I’ve been on the road. It was not because of the difficulty of the quad route, but because of the lack of strength. I had not eaten since breakfast yesterday and I had not rested because I was in a tent in the middle of the forest. I had no strength to face the day.

#40 | Georgia IV

A new day. I leave Mestia’s guesthouse. Today will be the last day I see her. When I left, I went straight to have a good breakfast to get strength for the day.

#39 | Georgia III

Today is the day! Today I’m going to do the route through the Caucasus Mountains! I’m really looking forward to it! I hope it won’t rain and there won’t be too much fog so I can see the incredible landscapes!

#38 | Georgia II

I wake up in Mazeri, surrounded by nature and mountains. I have breakfast. Then I get on the road. Today’s goal was to ride through the Caucasus Mountains, but it was not possible.

#37 | Georgia I

Today I started the day with problems. I left the town of Zugdidi and ran out of gas, I had to turn around to look for a gas station, but the two I went to were abandoned, I arrived just in time to not get stranded!

#36 | Georgia

First day in Georgia. I woke up in the second biggest city of the country: Batumi. Today’s goal is to make route to the north to see the wonderful landscapes of Georgia.

#35 | Turkey XI

Today, after eleven days in Turkey, I am leaving for Georgia! Before I leave I want to do one of the most dangerous mountain routes in the world.

#34 | Turkey X

I wake up in Dilaver Yaylasi where I rested in a mountain hut. Luckily I found it yesterday at the last minute, because it was very cold, otherwise I would have had to camp with a tent. My goal for today is to get as far as I can to Georgia. My idea is to finish the last part of Turkey between today and tomorrow.

#33 | Turkey IX

We started early from Niksar. My goal for today is to ride as many kilometers as possible, because I’m a little bit behind in my schedule. The whole day is waiting for me on a route through the mountains at quite a high altitude. The first problem I encountered on the route was the higher than usual fog. This meant that I had to look more carefully at where I was passing, because if I looked to the side I could not see anything at all.